Menopause the Change of Life

Menopause: Experiencing the Change of Life

Just like women go through the initiation of the menstrual cycle, menopause, also known as the “change of life”, is nothing more than a biological milestone. The fact that this phase marks the end of the fertile period of a woman’s life may be overwhelming to some women but is actually quite liberating for many others.

The Change of Life: Misinterpretation

If you have gone through journals and articles that talk about menopause, you may have come across many “symptoms”. This word is generally associated with diseases and disorders. Menopause is neither of these. It is a biological process where the ovaries reduce the production of estrogen and progesterone due to aging. It is only the adaptation to a different hormonal level that is challenging, not you whole life after menopause.

You will read about hot flashes, reduced libido, weight gain, depression and many other distressing ‘symptoms’. These can, more correctly, be called indications that your body is approaching a phase of change that you need to gear up for. You may experience these effects very mildly or many not experience them at all. So, there is no point fearing the consequences. Just keep yourself health and you will be able to get through this phase comfortably.

Even if you do experience these ‘symptoms’, there are several methods to overcome the effect and be relieved from discomfort.

Menopause: The Brighter Side

With menopause comes the liberation to experience life sans the cramps and the mood swings. You are now free to take on different things and accept new responsibilities in your life.

FemSupport urges all readers to embrace this phase without feeling intimidated. You will find all the support and assistance that you need on our website, to help you accept this change of life with all its goodness.