Menopause Relief

While menopause related complications are universal, they do affect women with varying degrees of discomfort. The condition may manifest in a myriad of symptoms ranging from hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness to sleep disorders and memory loss. Here is a simple yet effective 3 pronged approach for menopause relief that is based on natural methods to ensure permanent and complication free treatment.

Exercise Regime

A light and healthy exercise routine has been found extremely beneficial for those who have frequent mood swings and hot flashes. However you will have to incorporate Aerobics, Yoga and a few relaxation techniques for better results with or without the workouts. Consulting your physician before undertaking any such regime is a smart idea as it helps you decide the level of physical activity that can be actually useful without aggravating the situation due to exhaustion.

Herbal Recourse

Natural herbs have immediate results for menopause relief even in cases of severe conditions. These herbs can regulate hormones levels for providing instant relied on a long term basis without affecting any other body system. Black Cohosh for estrogen and Wild Yam for progesterone are two excellent natural remedies being widely used across the globe by women facing this dilemma. Ginseng, a traditional Chinese herb, is a great means of keeping the vaginal walls supple and preventing dryness. It is also attributed with many other wonderful effects such as an aid to sound sleep as well as a suppressant for mood swings and hot flashes.

Diet Plan

A controlled and focused diet forms an integral part of your battle for menopause relief. Cutting down on alcohol intake is the first step in this direction as it helps deal with mood swings that can be easily triggered by alcoholic beverages. Adequate intake of Vitamin E helps in reducing macular degeneration which is one of the major sources of discomfort associated with menopause. Omega-3 Fatty Acids found commonly in fishes like trout, tuna and salmon is great for countering mood swings and hot flashes.

Despite the availability of a variety of over the counter chemical based medicines, more and more women today are accepting natural means as their preferred option for menopause relief. Your exact condition and health status are some of the vital parameters that will decide the right treatment for you. But these time tested natural methods can be adopted without any apprehension of subsequent health complications by almost every woman.