Menopause Weight Loss

5 Mantras of Menopause Weight Loss

Many women in their pre menopausal and menopausal stage complain that they accumulate fat in their body even before they could wake up to this fact. Weight gain during menopause is an expected physical change and in most cases, it is inevitable.

Levels of Estrogen – Shifts in the level of estrogen in your system can have an effect on bodyweight. With the ovaries producing less estrogen, fat cells can “take up the slack” of declining estrogen production. The result can be added bodyweight.

Reduced Physical Activity – Menopausal symptoms themselves can make women less inclined to participate in exercise and other healthful physical activities – with additional consequences.

However, here are 5 simple tips that will help you watch your weight and ensure menopause weight loss.

Menopause Weight Loss: A 5 Step Process

  1. Study your genes: The only mirrors into your future are your older female relatives. Although you are extremely skinny in your younger days, having curvy and overweight elderly women in your family is a sign that you are most like to amass weight as you grow older. So start young. Make sure you follow a good exercise routine even when you just enter your premenopausal stage to prevent unexpected weight gain.
  2. Harmonize the Hormones: Lower levels of estrogen does make you less physically active and increases food intake. To avoid this cause of weight gain, include foods that are rich in plant based estrogen in your diet as early as you can. HRT is also an option but starting with phytoestrogen rich foods is a better and safer beginning.
  3. Exercise: There is no substitute to physical activity. Ensure you keep your heart healthy and pumping with cardio vascular exercises. This helps you keep your metabolic rate high even when your estrogen levels begin to drop. Accumulation of fat is avoided and you will not experience drastic weight gain.
  4. Eat right: Depriving yourself of food actually makes you put on weight, as opposed to popular belief. This is because the body slows down the rate of metabolism to cope for the lack of food. Instead, you should eat healthier food that includes fruits, vegetables, lean meat and anything that contains less sugar.
  5. Avoid Stress: Stress is a common experience during menopause. This causes a large amount of weight accumulation around the belly. To avoid this, take up stress busting activities like cycling, art, music, yoga or even exercise to keep you relieved of stress.

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