Estrogen: Building Blocks of Femininity

Did you know that estrogen is the most widely discussed hormone in the world? This is not surprising as estrogen is primary hormones in mammals that defines the functioning of the female body.

Derived from the Greek words “Estrus” and “gpnos”, the name Estrogen when translated means ‘the generator of female fertility’. It is also one of the few hormones whose production actually ceases with age.

The Path of Estrogen

Estrogen is produced by the ovaries primarily. The ovarian follicles release these enzymes when stimulated by our pituitary gland. There are secondary sources of estrogen like the liver, adrenal glands and the breasts which produce small quantities of this hormone. These secondary tissues are more active when a woman reaches menopause.

Fat cells also regulate estrogen levels in the body. Therefore being overweight or underweight causes a hormonal imbalance leading to infertility.

Once secreted, estrogen binds itself to estrogen receptors in cells. This hormone regulates the genes responsible for maintenance of fertility and development of the female reproductive system.

The Functions of Estrogen

  • It is responsible of secondary sexual characters in females including breasts, regulation of menstrual cycle and the development of the endometrium.
  • In the fetus, estrogen is responsible for physical differentiation of male and female as per the genetic code.
  • Estrogen regulates the sexual drive in women by increasing sexual hormones, cortisol and globulin.
  • It controls emotions and moods.
  • Estrogen is important in the production of collagen required to maintain the skin.
  • Estrogen is also important in bone development and strength.

Menopause and Estrogen

When a woman enters the menopausal phase, the ovaries reduce the production of estrogen causing reduced fertility. Eventually, menopause marks the end of the fertile stage in a woman’s life.

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