Menopause Weight Gain

Tackling Menopause Weight Gain

It has been observed from research that many women in the age group of 50-59 years tend to be overweight. 30% of these women are obese. As expected, these women have observed drastic weight gain immediately after menopause. As unnerving as this may sound, this is not a phenomenon that cannot be controlled. All you need is a little guidance and a lot of self motivation to keep yourself fit and fine even after mid-life strikes.

The Causes for Menopause Weight Gain

In experiments conducted on various animal species, it has been noted that lower levels of estrogen lead to excessive eating and reduced physical activity. Reduction in the metabolic rate was also observed in these animals resulting in lack of energy and fatigue.

As women approach menopause, it is the reduction in estrogen production that causes gradual weight gain. A reduction in estrogen also induces insulin resistance because of which fat storage increases. Therefore, although we lose muscle mass with age and around the period of menopause, the accumulated fat results in excessive weight and if, not controlled initially, obesity.

Risks of Menopause Weight Gain

All problems related to weight gain including heart problems, hypertension and joint aches are observed with menopause weight gain. Offshoots of weight gain also include high blood pressure and diabetes which result in further deterioration of health.

Controlling Menopause Weight Gain

Exercise and a nutritious diet allows you to lose weigh the right way. Since the level of physical activity is high when you exercise, you are able to avoid accumulation of body, particularly abdominal fat. Including aerobic and cardio vascular activities in your routine will help you manage your weight and look great always.

FemSupport believes that every woman should always feel confident and beautiful. As a result, we have devised several aids including correct information and effective supplements to help you manage weight and continue to look young and fit.