Why it works

Menopause itself requires no medical treatment. Instead, treatments focus on relieving your signs and symptoms associated with decreases in estrogen during menopause phase which naturally occurs with aging.

  • 35% estrogen
  • reduction from
  • age 35-50
  • 75% propgesterone
  • reduction from
  • age 35-50

FemSupport™ is a precise and proven blend of natural herbs.

FemSupport™ supplies extra nutritional support your body needs to naturally compensate for the hormonal imbalances so often present in menopause. And without the side-effects associated with prescription medications.

The active ingredients in FemSupport™ include phytoestrogens -a group of natural plant substances that, within the body, that are believed to act much like the hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogens are believed to have a high affinity (attraction) to the body’s estrogen receptor sites, allowing them to compete and bind to these receptor sites and help restore normal systemic function. And bring relief from common menopausal symptoms.

While decreases in estrogen naturally occur with ageing, now you can help minimize the effects. And without a prescription.

Try FemSupport™ today to start looking and feeling your best again.

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